Mussels with fennel and chorizo

image of a plate of cooked mussels

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Mussels with fennel and chorizo

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image of a plate of cooked mussels
Prep Time:
20 minutes
Cook Time:
30 minutes
Total Time:
50 minutes

A great summery dish, also great for cooking on a bbq. The chorizo juices mingle with the juices from the cooked mussels in the most delicious way.

Author: Petroeska
Servings: 2 persons
Category: entree
Cuisine: mediterranean


  • 2 kg fresh mussels in the shell
  • 1 tb spoon of olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 1 clove of garlic, dices or pressed
  • 150 grams of chorizo
  • 1 bulb of fennel, in medium pieces
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 100 ml of white wine


  1. Clean the mussels and remove all broken or open shells
  2. Saute the onion and the garlic for about 3 minutes in a large pot
  3. Add the chorizo and bake crispy in a couple of minutes
  4. Then add fennel, bay leaf and mussels and wine
  5. Put a lid on the pan, and cook on a high heat for 8 – 10 minutes
  6. Halfway the cooking time, toss the closed pan to stir the mussels around
  7. The mussels are ready when all mussel shells are open
  8. Serve with some creme fraiche and some freshly chopped parsley and do not forget to include bread for soaking up the amazing juices!


make sure to buy a good tasty chorizo, as that is a big contributor to the end result of this dish!

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