About us

Zip Recipes was originally developed by Gezim Hoxha, and taken over in 2019 by Rogier. The Zip Recipes team consists of Mark, Petroeska and Rogier.

Mark is developer and technical support specialist. Mark will help you with all support questions and knows everything there is to know about Zip Recipes and SSL. Besides developing, he spends his time doing Muay Thai, fitness and listening to exotic vinyl records.

Rogier started out with Really-Simple- SSL, an SSL WordPress plugin that now has been installed on over 3000 000 websites, and is the number one SSL plugin for WordPress. But before that he owned a Mexican restaurant, together with Petroeska. We opened our restaurant because we love real Mexican food, especially fresh, home made tacos! We were also known for our fantastic Mexican cakes, like tres leches, key lime pie, Garbanzo cake, etc. So we love food, and we love cooking. Petroeska will be looking at Zip Recipes from a user perspective, and will be adding new recipes on this demo site to show what can be done with Zip Recipes, and to get new ideas for the plugin as well. Rogier and Mark know their way around a plug-in…put that together and there you have it: Zip Recipes!

With Zip recipes foodblogging becomes easy. We have preset themes for your recipes, but you can also make your own. If you want it; all the nutritional info is automatically added to your recipes. Your readers can easily choose the number of people they want to cook for. The amounts then get altered automatically. Shortly, they will also be able to easily switch between US and metric measurements. Look around on this demo to get a feel for the themes and the way you can present your own recipes.

Any questions? Or tips? Wether technical, personal or anything in between, we are waiting to hear from you!